YAH's holidays

Many people know these as "Jewish" holidays. 

However, going back to Torah (aka the law)...

These Moediym (holy assemblies, appointed times, feasts and festivals) are for YAH's people.

That means everyone who believes in Him!

Here is a very quick and simple video that explains the meaning behind the true holidays of YAH.

He shows very quickly at the end a list of man-made holidays.

Remember, we need to shed the traditions of men.

The thumbnail below is yucky and gross. But the video is very well put together.

So when are YAH's holidays?

Well, there's another man-made tradition we need to shake. The start of the year.

Scripture tells us the beginning of the year is actually in what we call the Spring.

I'm still studying this out, but it has to do with the Tequfah (what we call Equinox).

Tequfah is Strong's H8622, and it means circuit, as of the sun, after the course of the year.

My understanding so far is that we mark the shadow around the time of the Equinox.

The day the shadow marks make a straight line is the last day of the previous year. The day after that is the first day of the new year.

From there we count 14 days to Pecach and so on.

Again, I am still studying this out. But I put together a Shadow marking project.pdf to document what I learned.