Best cat food and treats

Below you'll find my top recommendations of products I use for Jericho and my mom's 4 cats.

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Homemade + whole prey
Hare Today - create an account and earn discount points on your purchases.

Raw Feeding Miami - get 10% off your first order with my link.

White Oak Pastures - regenerative farm selling meat for human food consumption. Stock up for yourself and your cat! Get $20 off $150+ with code JESSCATICLES.

Raw food premixes on Amazon: USCA.

Meal prep supplies on Amazon: US, CAUK.

Complete raw cat foodFrozen raw
Viva Raw - get 20% off with code JESSCATICLES.

Darwin's - use this link, tell them about your cat, and get 10 lbs for just $14.95.

Freeze-dried raw
Steve's Quest - get 20% off with code JESSCATICLES.

Raw cat food on Amazon US.

Best wet food for transitioning
Smalls - get $5 off with code CATICLES.

Just Food for Cats - get 35% off your first autoship with this link. For adult cats only.

Raised Right - for adult cats only.

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Best cat treats
A Better Treat - their website, ChewyAmazon.

Best on Amazon: US, CAUK.

Best on Chewy: